Registration Process

The below information guides the user through registration process.

Select your User Type

The following user types are available:

User Type Description
VA EmployeeVeteran Affair's Employee
VA Affiliate

o VA Affiliate:
You are Lender, Appraiser, Servicer, Inspector or someone who is authorized to access Home Loan Program applications such as, webLGY, CPTS, etc.
o Department of Defense
You will need to enter Ten Digit VA assigned Code and PIN
o Veterans Service Organization
You will need to enter Ten Digit VA assigned Code and PIN

Note : There are three components to a VA Affiliate user profile:
(1) The "personal information" including your name, personal and contact information.
(2) The �Affiliation link� record (links your profile information to your employer�s VA record.)
(3) The �Employer/lender� record (Your employer�s Company record established when 10 digit VA ID# was assigned.)

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Enter your Personal Information
  • Legal First Name
  • Legal Last Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender

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Enter your Contact Information

  • Mailing Address
  • Telephone Number
  • E-mail Address (Note : Email addresses are used for password changes, lost usernames and help requests.)

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Enter your Security Information and create username/password

  • You will be asked what user name would you like to use.
  • You will be asked to choose a password�
  • You will select 5 security questions and provide 5 answers.

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Subscribe to a Community

The Community Subscription is the �affiliation link� record which includes the roles of Appraisers, Inspectors, Lenders, Servicers, LAPP SAR, SAP SAR, and Other Requesters. Each role determines which applications and what functionality is available to you when you logon to use the Home Loan Program applications.

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Will I be e-mailed a copy of my User Name and Password?
No e-mail will be sent! However, you can retrieve both the User Name and Password by using the �Lost User Name� and �Lost Password� functions available on the main Portal page below User Registration.

What are the rules for Valid User Name?
A Valid User Name must have at least 8 characters, must begin with a letter, must have only numbers and letters and may not contain spaces.

What are the rules for Valid password?
A Valid Password must be at least 8 characters long and must contain elements from three of the following four categories:

  • Uppercase Letter(s)
  • Lowercase Letter(s)
  • Numbers
  • Special Characters
Exception: Do not use exclamation point in passwords (!)

I entered my Lender ID and PIN but I am getting an error that it is invalid, why?
VA Lender/Servicer Ids are now 10 digits; if you are a Lender with an 11-digit ID, just drop off the last number.
If you need assistance with your PIN contact your company�s administrator.
If you are an Other Requester then your company�s Tax ID is your VA ID.
If you are SAR, you must enter leading zeroes in the 6-digit ID field. All SAR IDs are affiliated with your employer�s Corporate ID which will end in four zeroes.

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Why do I get a white screen after selecting a certificate and entering my PIN correctly?
The wrong certificate was selected. Please close the browser and attempt to login using the identity certificate. It should be the same as the one used to sign into your workstation.

My account is locked after entering the PIN incorrectly. What do I do?
Please contact the NSD. We cannot unlock your PIN this is set as part of your PIV card.

How do I become a new PIV user?
Login with your PIV card. You will be prompted with the registration page if needed.

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