Request a Customized Condo Report
1. Select the report type:
Summary Details
(A Summary report only lists Condo names and IDs whereas a Detail report includes status and address information.)
2. Retrieve only approved Condos?
3. Enter the Condo name or ID (use * as appropriate).
Name: ID:
4. Enter the Regional Office with which the Condo is registered.

5. Enter the following information about the Condo location.
Helpful Hints
The ID field must have 6 digits, no asterisk (*) allowed. Use leading zeroes if needed.

For an exact text match, enter the spelling and correct number of blank spaces.

Required fields are shown in bold red type. All criteria supplied for one report will be used to retrieve the records.

If no record matches all the criteria, no records will be shown on the report: leave some fields blank or use asterisk (*) wildcards:

An asterisk (*) can be entered on the Name fields to represent multiple characters instead of an exact text match. Wildcards are not allowed in the City and County fields. You may place the asterisk anywhere in the phrase. You may use more than one asterisk in a field.

When too many records are returned by a search than would fit on the display page, links by the first letter of the name are shown at the beginning of the report.

Large reports may take a couple of minutes to process.

Condo Report:
The Summary report lists the Condo name and ID, as well the Record Type (Condo). You may click on the Condo name to view the details of that dwelling complex.

The Detail report lists the Condo name and ID, the address, the Status and processing dates.